The Prep Process


Floor Prep and Repair

All epoxy floor coatings require the proper preparation. First, removing any old coatings, then to create the proper profile on the concrete slab for new coating to adhere properly. The method of surface prep is determined by existing coating and conditions of areas to be coated. Shot blasting is the most productive method of coating removal and surface preparation for the more heavier epoxy floor systems. (such as 1/8” inch broadcast 30 mil or ¼” inch trowel down.) Floor scraping may be needed to assist in removing old coatings, mastic or tiles. Thin film epoxy systems 30 mils or less, a diamond grinding method of preparation and profiling the surface is required.

In addition to complete flooring projects such as Epoxy and Polished Concrete, Total Floor Prep is an expert in floor preparation and repair. Whether you need title or glue removal, cracks in concrete patched or prepping the surface for a new flooring system, Total Floor Prep can help. Call us today to discuss your floor prep and repair needs.